Mortar & Milk by Pamela Marshall PHA Barrier Repair Serum coming 12/07/22


This serum is a labour of love. An enormous amount of blood, sweat and tears went into the making of this product. It’s three years in the making and I think it’s worth every sleepless night. A blend of polyhydroxy acids (if you know me, you know I love them), with piperonyl glucoside.  Gluconolactone and lactobionic acid  (PHA’s) work to gently and sustainably exfoliate the skin, as well as working as an antioxidant and humectant. Piperonyl Glucoside slowly and gently diffuses underlying redness in the skin. We have been fed too many AHA’s, retinols, foaming cleansers, etc that work over time to anger our barrier function. Our PHA Barrier Repair does exactly what it says on the tin…repairs the barrier function of our skin. I have always put the long term health of a client’s skin above short term gains. There’s a sweet spot in the middle, and that’s what I try to find in treatment and now with this product.

It is wholly made from scratch. No white labelling, no collaborations, just my experience in the treatment room, my brain and my formulator’s brain sitting in one glorious bottle.  It’s been tested left right and centre in the labs, and extensively on my brilliant clients who let me experiment on them during this process. I love you all for letting me follow your progress and for believing in me.

This serum is for all skin. Here’s what I promise you, you will NOT wake up the next day after using it and have a miracle happen. No product can do that for you. I will never promise that about any product. It takes time and consistency, good days and bad, to get to the good stuff. If you have normal skin, you’ll start to notice that your skin just looks healthier and happier. If you have angry skin, you’re the one that will see more dramatic change. Remember that it’s one product that should sit in a well-balanced and simple routine. If you’re using a lot of retinol and AHA’s, you might not see the results that you want. Molecular weight of an ingredient takes over and AHA’s are lower in molecular weight than PHA’s. PHA’s truly are skin changing ingredients and I hope you love using them as much as I do. Morning AND night, or morning OR night. It’s all good.

We’ve put it in a 100ml bottle. I’ve never understood why serums are in 30 or 50 ml bottles. It feels really wrong for the planet. Our bottles are made from 35% recycled glass – one day I hope to have 100% recycled glass. The label and boxes are made from 100% recycled paper. We chose a restrictor plug for the dropper for several reasons: less chance of bacteria getting inside the bottle and more importantly, most pipettes and pumps are not recyclable. Our lid and restrictor plugs are. Every component of our packaging is 100% recyclable. Yay. Also, it’s a cool bottle. Wash it and reuse it for something….like a vase. Put a rose in it, or mint, or rosemary…or refill it with olive oil and put some herbs in it. All I ask is that you do not throw it in the bin. Mother Earth will thank you for it and you’ll sleep better at night.