Looking at someone directly in the eyes is by far the most effective form of contact when making any professional, social or romantic connection. With this in mind maintaining the delicate skin around the eyes is key to unlocking the secrets to holding a good impression, particularly during any crucial first encounters. The multiple signs of ageing can unfortunately take permanent residency in the most unwanted of places and when it comes to facial ageing, we often see a vast array of these issues creeping in around the one place which is most seen by others. There are many natural remedies in keeping the cavernous valleys or dark sunken shadows out of the eye area such as drinking the recommended daily intake of water, getting plenty of sleep and reducing work related stress levels, however as any 21st century gent will know, life’s responsibilities does not always offer up the luxury of compromise. So in these instances Mortar & Milk has devised a fool-proof method to cover up and correct these multitude of issues meaning you’ll be able to take on the day with one less thing to worry about!

1. Treat
As any builder will tell you, without a well laid foundation over time cracks will appear and before too long repair is either costly, evasive or not even an option! Luckily our skin does a pretty good job at reversing the damage on its own, however this doesn’t mean that we can rid ourselves of all responsibility. A good eye treatment is your foundation. Get that right and you shall reap the benefits later on. Not only are the topical ingredients with a treatment fast acting but they also have an accumulative effective meaning that over time your primary concerns are diminished. For this we would recommend the Age Reverse Eye Contour by Exuviance.

Ophthalmologist tested, the Age Reverse Eye Contour by Exuviance harnesses the power of high potent peptides which over time work to build collagen levels for even the most tired  and neglected of eyes. The delicate skin will be flooded with hydration with the moisture retaining molecule Hyaluronic Acid instantly plumping out any fine lines and wrinkles. For any gent who suffers from sensitive, delicate or easily irritated skin, a patented Maltobionic Acid reduces the appearance of crows feet whilst enhancing the skin’s natural protective barrier for cushion and instant brightness. With the Age Reverse Contour any modern gent can rid his eyes from the shackles of tiredness and go forth to complete his day with a more confident and radiant outlook.

2. Cover
As many of the top male grooming brands across the globe have tapped into the much needed market of ‘manly cosmetics’ we at Mortar & Milk are letting our gents into a little secret which will change the way you see yourself… literally. When the after works casual from the night before has turned into an absolute casserole of inebriated antics until sunrise, your morning grooming routine just isn’t going to cut it. For this we recommend the Farewell Colour Corrector by Delilah. Using your finger, simply pat and blend into the skin underneath and around the eyes. Unlike many men’s concealers, this unisex Colour Corrector is offered in two easy to choose shades of either pink or peach depending on your skin’s underlying tones. These will instantly diminish any blue or grey tones to the eye area neutralising dark circles whilst filling spheres reduce linked and wrinkles for a visibly smoother, firmer and more radiant appearance. No one will ever suspect a thing!