All Natural Luxury Hand & Body Lotion

250 gm


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    Mrs White’s Luxury Hand & Body Lotions are all carefully blended by hand in the English countryside using only the finest, highest grade, natural ingredients.

    The rich, smooth lotion will replenish, protect and nourish skin without any oily residue.

    Choice of Aromatherapy grade hand blended essential oils

    • La Lavende; our lavender blend uses only essential oils from the finest flower crops to create a crisp lavender aroma which is instantly recognisable. Much more modern than more powdery, traditional lavenders, Mrs White’s  La Lavande mixes flowers from the rolling hills of Provence, sun drenched Spain, Italy and even home grown lavender from the Garden of England.
    • September in Sicily; A burst of sun kissed citrus fruits. Fresh, zesty, and delightfully juicy.
    • Rose Arbour; when my parents were courting, couples would stroll around the parks on Sunday afternoons. The most romantic spot in their local Peckham Rye Park was the Sexby Rose Garden, with its dense covered walkways of rose arbours it was a popular spot for young couples. Years late my mother would take me to the Rose Garden, the scent of the roses was intoxicating, we would collect the fallen petals and later use them to make rose water. I wanted to create a fragrance that reminded me of those endless, childhood, English summers. Aids healing and will help treat scars and blemishes. Tones the skin and is widely believed to have anti-aging qualities. Will create a youthful glow and leave skin silky smooth and smelling divine.

    Handmade in England.

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    A La Lavende, Rose Arbour, September in Sicily

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