Jean Genie

Denim Wash

1000 ml


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    There is nothing more upsetting than spending a fortune on designer jeans only to have them come out of the wash as stiff as a board and with horrible crease marks washed into them. Also if you selected your jeans because of the colour, chances are they will not be the same shade even after one wash in a commercial detergent. Most laundry detergents contain bleach and this will have the effect of lightening your jeans and slowly destroying the fabric. Mrs White’s Jean Genie which will protect your jeans’ colour and shape while eliminating any unpleasant odour or uncomfortable stiffness.

    Directions: Shake well and add to the dispense drawer in your washing machine

    Dosages for one full wash (4-5kg) 1 capful is 17ml

    Water hardness             Normal soiling                      Heavy soiling

    soft                                 3 1/2 capfuls                        4 capfuls

    medium                           3 1/2 capfuls                        4 1/2 capfuls

    hard                                4 1/2 capfuls                        5 capfuls

    Check care label, empty pockets & turn jeans inside out. Set machine cycle for “Delicates”. Add the appropriate amount of “Jean Genie” and ONLY wash jeans with other jeans & denim, no more than 5 pairs per load. If you like your jeans to have a softer feel add Mrs White’s Soft As Snow to the rinse cycle.

    When washing cycle is complete remove jeans promptly, turn right side out and hang them by the waist on a hanger or line to dry. If drying in tumble dryer use the lowest setting.

    Fast & complete biodegradability using all plant & natural mineral ingredients that have not been tested on animals.

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