I am so lucky to be able to have a voice in this world we called beauty. I feel honoured that I’ve been given this opportunity and there are so many people who have helped me get my voice out.

Over the last year or so, I’ve really struggled with this industry. I have this incredible opportunity to sit face to face with other humans. Humans that are struggling with their skin. You can poo poo the industry and say it’s superficial, but I see humans that are trying to wade through the noise to solve a problem, a problem that affects their mental well being.

My job is to educate, treat and protect clients and consumers who don’t have a voice from the unusual amount of bad information that is out there. I promise I’m going somewhere with this.

The amount of people I see in clinic that say they’ve tried everything is astounding. There are medicine cabinets all over the world with partially used products. Here’s my problem….what ultimately happens to all that packaging? The beauty industry alone creates over 120 billion units of packaging alone. 70% of which ends up in landfill and our oceans. This is tragic. The beauty industry is a £400 billion plus industry. That’s A LOT of money made off the backs of A LOT of vulnerable people. It’s also a hell of a lot of landfill. This continually enrages me.

I have always believed that if every brand founder could do my (or other therapists jobs) for a few months, not only would we have better formulated products, but we’d have far less waste in the world. So here’s my stance, as controversial as it may sound: if you’re someone who is creating a brand to jump on the band wagon, don’t. If you’re someone who wants to create a natural product to help people, don’t (learn the EU regulations on product penetration). If you’re a brand that is creating newness just to create newness, don’t. If you’re a natural/clean/sustainable packaged brand and you’re products don’t work (because you’re considered a cosmetic and therefore can only deal with dead cells), then you are in fact not sustainable, nor can you work and your consumers will find another brand. You’re contributing to the beauty graveyard. If you haven’t worked one to one with clients and watched their journey, or aren’t a cosmetic scientist, don’t create a brand. You’re not only propagating the myth that high street products can functionally change the skin, but you’re also contributing to an environmental crisis.

I once believed that high street brands could work alongside clinical grade brands. Over the years I’ve realised that that is a fantasy. Clinical skincare is the only way forward. If I’m only using four products and they work so well that I’m only ever buying those four products, then as a consumer I am not only solving my skin issues, but I am also NOT filling my cabinets with partially used products which eventually end up in landfill.

The “shelfie” photo has got to stop. I know this is harsh and that a lot of people believe they have good intentions, but good intentions sometimes are not good enough. Science reigns here and we have an obligation to our customers AND to our planet to do better.

To consumers, I understand that you’re inundated with an enormous amount of information and I KNOW it’s hard to wade through it. The best you can do is learn from a professional on what is right for your skin. Skin can be happy with just a few key products. You don’t need to have 10 products. Come to us to ask questions, or the following incredible clinical aestheticians @dija_ayodele @andymillward_

This is not a post to get you to spend a lot of money on education and treatment, this is me asking you to invest in your education because when you are educated on your own skin, you’re empowered to make better decisions, which will actually save you money.

Some of my clients only come once, because I know I’m expensive, but they have me for life. I will educate them as best I can, and keep in touch. The world needs to be better and it all starts with brands. It’s time to truly help consumers and the environment and to stop propagating myths for the sake of a buck! I will not stop speaking as loud as I can, and I give massive kudos to all those journalists who are not afraid to break this cycle of insanity. I know this is long but if you’ve made it this far, “GO YOU!”

All my love, Pam xxx