Everyone loves a good clean home, but don’t you just hate the hassle of actually cleaning? Well It doesn’t have to be so bad; Mrs. White’s is a line of “people, pet, and planet friendly products” that will make your spring cleaning even easier! Oh, and did I mention all of Mrs. White’s products are hand blended in the English countryside?

For those tough tiles, Mrs. White’s Smiling Tiling will be your best friend. This all natural tile cleaner will leave your tiles looking in tip-top shape and your home smelling like fresh garden flowers. Only costing £8, this is a necessity for your next cleaning binge!


“Wait but what about my non-tiled floors?” you may be asking. Mrs. White’s still has you covered. Mrs. White’s Flawless Floors will have your flooring fresh and clean without any of that unpleasant chemical smell. Also an all-natural product, all you have to do is mix it with a ratio of 1 capful for every 2 litres of warm water and you’re ready to go.


Now that we’ve taken care of your floors, we can finally look at the lime scale build-up that’s been happening in your sinks, baths, and taps! Mrs. White’s Off the Scale uses only the finest essential oils and lime to break down that pesky lime scale and leave your bowls, basins, baths, and taps with an irresistible aroma.


Be sure to treat yourself to a gorgeous candle lit bath after all that hard work and soak your muscles in Mrs. White’s lavender bath salts. The candles are again eco friendly made of soy wax and emit a fabulous scent, just like all the Mrs. Whites products, whether it’s for relaxation or scrubbing!


Stop on by Mortar & Milk any time this week for 10% off Mrs. White’s products or just to chat with our lovely staff about any of these products, and have a great spring cleaning!